What’s your vector, Victor?

We’ve heard it – two foreign sounding words: raster and vector. But what the heck do they mean when it comes to your brand?

I’m sure you’ve seen a printed product that had an imprint with fuzzy edges, and looked out of focus, next to one that had nice crisp edges? Why does this happen? The answer is image quality, in a nutshell. Vector art reigns supreme!

For those of us that aren’t in the graphic design industry, the terminology regarding art files can be quite confusing. Understanding the difference between a vector and raster image is challenging. One is crisp and sharp, and the other is barely legible.

To understand the difference you must also understand how each is created. A vector image is usually created in a software program such as Adobe Illustrator, and consists of a series of curves, lines and shapes all based on mathematical equations to create an image in the computer.  A raster image, on the other hand, is a representation of an image using a variety of pixels and can be created in all types of software programs such as Photoshop, and even on your iPhone. A photograph is a raster image, and if you look very closely, you will see the series of tiny pixels, or squares of color that make up the image.

Vector art is the gold standard for all forms of printing and is infinitely scaleable.  Since the art is based on an equation, the image can be printed in any size and the quality will remain the same.  You can use a vector image for a business card and then use the same image for a poster sized project and the art will still be crisp and clear.

If a raster image was used this way, it would blur and pixelate beyond recognition.  A raster image, also referred to as a bitmap, is better displayed on a screen or computer monitor.

When you are creating or sending images to your Brand Ambassador for your next project, keep in mind the final product.  Getting the correct version of your artwork for a project can be tricky and with so many design terms and jargon, it’s very easy to get lost in translation!

Ideally, artwork with file extensions (or types) of EPS, AI, or SVG are vector files, and we can use them to create fantastic designs for your promos.

If you have more questions, or need help with artwork creation, contact us and ELEVATE YOUR BRAND!