What you see is NOT what you get.

Pantone 3255C on the computer screen in the back does not match the solid color chip from our Pantone selection book. Graphic designers can calibrate computer screens to more accurately match printed colors. This is a Pantone Bridge guide, and shows us the solid ink along with values for RGB, HEX (HTML), and the corresponding CMYK printed swatch.

The color on your computer screen is unlikely to match the printed version.

Have you ever received a box of business cards from a printer, and immediately shouted “That’s not what it looked like on the computer!”?

There is a distinct difference between printed colors and on-screen colors (which can vary widely from screen to screen).  When you’re looking at a screen, the colors are made up of the RGB system (red, green and blue), which is how your eye distinguishes color. Printed colors are quite different and usually consist of either CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black–also known as process printing colors), or solid PMS colors (Pantone Matching System).

The three systems described above initially combine different colors that make different tones. This explains why what you see on your computer screen may be different than what is physically printed. The combination of RGB light creates white, while the combination of CMYK inks creates black. Therefore, it is physically impossible for the printing press to exactly reproduce colors as we see them on our monitors.

So, how does this impact you and your brand? The great benefit of the PMS system is that we can ensure that your brand colors are exact and consistent every time! From drinkware to business cards, the colors will accurately represent your brand. The CMYK color space provides opportunity and economy. Imagine full-color designs on your promotional products!

Consult the brand guide that was provided by your graphic designer when your logo was created. This should specify the correct colors to use when reproducing your logo in web space, and in print in both CMYK and PMS modes. If you don’t have a brand guide and feel that it’s something you would like to explore, we can help! Discuss your brand’s colors with your Brand Ambassador and specify if you need PMS color matching with your order. Our goal is to deliver the best solutions to empower your brand!