The Ultimate B2B Holiday Gifting Guide

‘Tis the season to spread joy, and what better way to do it than with the gift of cozy custom branded bliss! As we gear up for the most wonderful (and most hectic) time of year, In the Bag is here to unwrap the magic of holiday gifting. From thoughtful classics to perfect last-minute surprises, we’ve got your festive giving covered.


Repeat after us: the key to a memorable merch gift is a personal touch. While swag shopping, consider items that can be easily customized to resonate—not with you, necessarily, but with your recipient. Whether it’s a cozy embroidered blanket, a sleek laser-engraved travel mug, or a durable screen-printed utility tote, the power of personalization adds a warm touch to your holiday gifting.



Woman in a branded puffer coat and beanie
a gift box with a scarf, mittens, and a beanie
Extend your gifting budget by feeding two birds with one scone: spread holiday cheer and your brand message with stylish and comfortable apparel. Not only do we have a variety of methods for personalization, our on-staff designer will work with you to create unique holiday branding your recipients will love. From cozy hoodies to festive beanies, our range of branded clothing ensures your message becomes a wearable statement of warmth and gratitude.


In the age of gadgets and gizmos, tech-savvy swag gifts are a surefire way to win hearts—and your options are virtually limitless. Consider portable power banks, wireless chargers, Bluetooth earbuds, smart watches, beanies with integrated speakers, or even backpacks with charging capabilities. Practical and chic, these gifts will keep your brand top of mind (and if you go with the beanies, we mean that literally).

Grouping of a phone charging station, and cell phones


We know life gets busy, and sometimes holiday shopping gets pushed to the last minute. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! You can still spread joy, even in the eleventh hour. Not only do we have a storefront curated with elegant and customizable gifts guaranteed to be ready in time for Christmas, but also several ideas for simple merch with a quick turnaround. Branded notebooks, stress-relief toys, stylish pens, or durable ice scrapers are thoughtful choices that can be quickly customized and shipped for a prompt arrival.


Winter may bring a chill but fear not—your swag gifts can have warmth woven into every thread. Think cozy blankets, thick scarves, touchscreen-friendly texting gloves, or even custom-designed socks to keep your recipients snug and stylish throughout the season. Or, if apparel isn’t your thing, how about rechargeable hand warmers, a tabletop patio heater, or a deluxe desktop coffee warmer?


We know as well as anyone that all this gift giving has the potential to create extra waste—so how about giving the gift of sustainability this holiday season? Eco-friendly swag items like reusable water bottles, bamboo utensil sets, recycled tote bags, or office supply kits made of repurposed materials not only make a positive environmental impact but also showcase your commitment to responsible gifting. They’re a win-win!



Who says that holiday merch gifts must be only practical? Why not add a dash of holiday whimsy by prioritizing FUN!? Full color custom jigsaw puzzles, pop-up cornhole, portable pickleball sets, branded board games, quirky playing cards, giant lawn dominos or checkers, or even a golf mat for practicing chips and pitches are easy and thoughtful ways to give the gift of fun to everyone on your list.


For an extra festive touch, consider curating holiday-themed swag kits or bundles (side note: did you know In the Bag offers fulfillment services?). Combine a variety of items that complement each other, like a cozy blanket paired with a branded mug and gourmet hot chocolate, or a reuseable memo pad with a desktop wireless charger and phone stand. These ready-to-go bundles make for delightful ultra-customized and hassle-free gifts.



All of us at In the Bag are here to help you unwrap the magic of thoughtful gifting, but time is of the essence. With the holiday rush already starting, the time to place your swag gift orders is NOW. From helping you discover and personalize your treasures to fulfilling and getting them in the hands of your recipients, making your brand the star of the holiday show is our priority. Let us help empower your brand to be a beacon of joy and appreciation this holiday season!