Stalking up on Swag – December Team Picks

Time to Stock up on Swag!

Looking to empty out the 2016 budget and stock up on your swag? If you still have funds to spend, there is still time to get orders invoiced this year!  How about making sure the closet is full at the beginning of 2017? We can get those orders in now and have them invoiced next year! Let us know either way; your Brand Ambassador is ready to help out.  (You may even be able to talk them in to coming to do the re-stocking for you!


Dan’s Pick – Screen Swiffers are Super Swag Stock!

Before all of our awesome technology, the only people you would see around with some sort of screen cleaner.  Now, just about all of your customers or trade show attendees can use one for their phones, tablets and even glasses!  I bet that most of them have more than one!  This is a super inexpensive way to promote your brand and I’d bet that people will ask for them if someone happens to swipe theirs!

Select Swagtastic Screen Swiffers Swiftly!

Joe’s Pick -Protect yourself this winter!

You know them.  They’re everywhere.  Coworkers, kids, family members, spouses…
They’re hacking, they’re noses are running and they’re spending the holidays with….you!!
Arm yourself, your clients or prospective clients, with odorless hand sanitizer gel in a neoprene sleeve branded with your logo.  Each sleeve comes complete with plastic hook to clip wherever is handy.
Contact Joe for more details!

Kelsey’s Pick – Stick it to Your Budget!

It’s that twelfth month again and In the Bag is here to help you use the last of your marketing dollars! What a better way to spend those last bucks than some sticky notes! They are great quality, come in vibrant full color imprints, and are available in 24 hours! Ask your Brand Ambassador how you can score some sticky notes in a timely fashion!

Stick it Good

Kyla’s Pick – The pen is mightier than the sword!

Pens are useful and a great form to promote your company. Especially a great pen! Everyone has had a pen that they dub as their “favorite” pen.  And we will look high and low if it ever goes missing. Come on…admit it…we’ve all done it! This just goes to show the power of promotional products! So, if you find yourself with extra funds in the annual budget and you need to use it before the year’s end, consider a great pen that becomes people’s “it” pen. Pens are an affordable and effective way to promote your company and it’s the write choice!

Write on!

Lori’s Pick -Keep your Name Front and Center!
What is one thing that everyone can use at a tradeshow or even to hold job id/credentials? Why  a lanyard of course!   This isn’t just any lanyard- it is right on trend with soft heather knit perfect to showcase your brand.  Lanyards come in all kinds of sizes, colors and attachments- there are even Bling styles, glow in the dark lanyards or reflective lanyards for when you really want to be seen.

Megan’s Pick – Carnival Tote

This non-woven tote is both trendy and affordable! It comes in super fun colors with a variety of decoration methods. Show off your logo with a simple one color imprint, an eye catching full color heat transfer, or blinding BLING (your logo in rhinestones!). The long handles make it easier to carry, with plenty of space inside for your belongings.

Steph’s Pick – Lip Balm? Yes Please!
Lip Balm is just one of those things… either you like it or you love it! So why not through your logo on some so that every time your customer reaches for their favorite lip balm they are reminded of how awesome you and your company are!

Pick your flavor here

Zach’s Pick – Write with us
This Journal is classy but still functions really well. It can be your grocery jotter or business meeting go to. With a stamped logo on the cover it is sure to look the part where ever you take it.