Spicing it up – March 2017

Spicing it up

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Kyla’s Pick –  Any way you slice it

Take your piece of the pie with this pizza cutter and bottle opener combo! Put your company’s name on this kitchen gadget that will get used time and time again. Although it doesn’t cut the carbs, it does cut more than just pizza! Use it for cookie dough, sandwiches, quesadillas, brownies and much more! Any way you slice it, this is a great promotional item!

Love at first slice!

Zach’s Pick – Lettuce Slasher

This knife is ecologically green alternative to wood; strong, dense and versatile. Its great for vegetables, leafy greens and bread. Will not turn your lettuce brown. The serrated cutting edge is designed to give a hand torn look to salads and eliminates browning of cut lettuce that a steel knife can cause. Best knife EVER!!!

Lettuce Slasher

Lori’s Pick – Hey Good Lookin…See What’s Cookin!

If you are looking to cook up some brand recognition in the kitchen…look no further than this Stainless Steel Scraper tool…used by professional and home cooks everywhere to chop, scrape, cut pastry and clean the counters after your spouse cooks you a gourmet meal…complete with a big mess. (*I am NOT complaining about that Dan!!) Laser imprinted logo will not come off in the dishwasher.

Choppin Broccoli here!

Steph’s Pick –  Whisk it!

Have you ever thought about all things you can actually whisk up? Eggs, sauces, batter, gravy… I could go on and on. But what is great about stainless steel/rubberized is that it won’t scratch up nice cook ware. Plus you can give it the toddler that is hanging of your leg and a empty bowl and they will be occupied for hours and you know nothing will get damaged in the process.

Whisk it good!

Joe’s Pick – Take that top off…

The ultimate Push Down Bottle Opener! For all ages including seniors & kids! Seen on TV this push down bottle cap opener with a magnetic cap catcher works easily and safely on all caps – twist or non twist for beer, soda and root beer crown tops. Works on imported beer, domestic beer, even home brew beer bottle caps. Great gift for sports outings, stocking stuffers, party favors and birthdays. Also great for golf bags, tackle boxes, traveling and outdoor concerts.

of your drink that is…. 

Kelsey’s Pick – Handy Dandy Strainer

I don’t think this convenient 6” diameter will quite drain the swamp, but it’s a good start! It attached to the center divide of a double basin sink and is super lightweight. Perfect for a quick veggie or fruit rinse or some pasta!

Drain the Swamp

Megan’s Pick -Chew on That

This pack of gum is basically a pint sized billboard for your company! The full color “gumelope” contains 12 pieces of peppermint gum. Pop one in your mouth when you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth, or when you feel the need to annoyingly chew something!


Dan’s Pick – Jar Opener: How to open a messy jar of politics

So, I’m really not going to open THAT jar, too messy and not everybody likes what’s in it, so let’s focus on what this jar opener is really for! Probably one of the most overlooked promo items there is, but do you realize just how many times you open up that kitchen drawer every DAY??? Priced at .39 each, they will are one of the least expensive billboards you can buy!  Open up and promote that kitchen drawer today!

Grab it, Grip it and open it up!