Share the love – February Team picks

Everyone is in “Love” with our own Bachelorette Olivia

Check out the In the Bag Promotion edition of the Bachelorette featuring our one and only Olivia! Which awesome promotional item will be enough to earn a red rose from her? But since she doesn’t talk much, YOU get to pick! Watch the video and cast your vote in the comments section for who you think deserves to win!


Kyla’s Pick –  Wine a little. Laugh a lot

Share the love with the lightweight felt wine tote! Put your name on the outside (and of course a bottle of wine inside) and this will make the perfect referral or thank you gift for your clients! So, “wine” not?! People will be sure to remember you and your company for all the love and that is something to cheer about! Sip, sip, hurray!

Uncork and relax

Zach’s Pick – I Rock Elite

This speaker has it all. 30-foot wireless Bluetooth v2.1 connection range. Lights flash festively when device is paired and playing. Play, pause, and change tracks right on the speaker! Lithium polymer battery provides up to 3 hours of play time from a single charge. Built in microphone allows device to be used to conduct conversations when paired with mobile phone. Is there anything else that shares the love more than good tunes???!!!!

Tune in Love

Lori’s Pick – Jar Jar Thinks

Need a versatile gift that can be customized for any occasion? This Mason jar is the perfect size to fill with cookies, snacks or treats and put out into the universe! You can give individually or to a group.  Add your logo on one side and a clever saying or thank you on the other and you’ll be the favorite! Bonus Jar to the first person who can tell me what my title is a reference to.

Go Nuts here

Steph’s Pick –  Lunch to go!

I believe the old saying is “The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but this really could go so many ways. When you show appriciation to a customer what do you do? Buy them lunch. When you want to say “job well done” to your employee’s,  what do you do? Bring in lunch! So since this isn’t the most practical thing to do everyday… Why not get them a lunch bag that they can carry their food to and from work every day! With an assorment of colors you are sure to please everyone!

Hot Lunch Cold Lunch

Joe’s Pick – Kissin’ season is comin’ up!  Share the love!!

Keep your lips conditioned and ready for action!  This lip balm comes with a customizable label and tamper-proof seal, so you’ll be able to get your number in everyone’s pocket this Valentine’s day. Extras include a clip cap, as well as a carabiner.

Pucker up

Kelsey’s Pick – The Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Box

Stress no more! Feel the zen, share the love, and breathe easy with a Diffuser/Essential Oil Gift Box. This diffuser is perfect for travel, offices, or your own meditating room using a USB or outlet. It changes color during use and has 3 time settings!  Mix and match with lavender, peppermint, or lemon for your essential oils. Namaste.


Megan’s Pick – Coffeeholics Unite

We ordered these ginormous coffee mugs for this exact purpose: to share the love! It’s able to be filled with twice the amount of energy juice (and creamer) than a normal mug! Ours say “Thanks a Latte” and can be featured with a bag of coffee or hot cocoa as an appreciation gift. Be careful though, you may feel a little cracked out after you finish!

Thanks a Latte

Dan’s Pick – The “Share Anything Caddy”

Why confine yourself to just one kind of gift for your clients and/or employees when you can use this awesome Caddy to customize a gift just for them?  Make it a Car Care Caddy, a Gardeners Caddy, Wine Glass and bottle Caddy or anything else you can dream up! Don’t package up a gift in something they will never use, they will keep this caddy forever!

Who’s your Caddy??