May in Motion – April team picks

Welcome new ITB Team Members!

new team members

Please join us in welcoming Kristi, Mike and Somer the ITB team and our new production facility! We are so pleased to have them on board and rocking out awesome product for our valued customers.

A Tribute to Transportation

Our monthly video features a super special guest to help us celebrate May in Motion (and get a good rib in to last month’s Oscar’s flub)!  Enjoy!



Kyla’s Pick –  Bye Bye wallet!

Let’s be honest, we are all attached to our cell phones. So why not keep all your day-to-day necessities close by for the whole kit and caboodle? This Silicone phone pocket is great for business cards (A perfect marketing tool that you can both brand the pocket and stick your business card inside!), credit cards, IDs and passes! They come in array of fun colors that would be perfect for you to put your logo on! This is one promotional product that you can literally put into the hands of your clients.

All in the palm of my hands

Zach’s Pick – Run Wisely

Walk, Run in confidence with this safety shoe light. This item will improve visibility while running or walking at night. Comes in a variety of colors. With the light matching the color of the item

Walk Wisely

Lori’s Pick – Get up and Go

If your get up and go has got up and went…. this cargo box is just what you need!  Versatile enough to use in the trunk of your car for groceries, sports gear or pet paraphernalia.  You can also use as a carrier from home to office… to home to office…. to home to office (hopefully you have more places to go than I do right now)!  Large decoration area to brand with your logo is a bonus.

Carry one out for yourself

Steph’s Pick – Listen up

While out for a stroll it is important that you fully aware of your surroundings to be safe. That is why I am looovvving this Bluetooth Earbud. Not only is cordless the best thing ever but now I can keep one ear on the busy road next to me and one ear on my favorite song. This can be voice activated and Siri activated with just a press of a button. While your logo may be small on the earbud your employee will thankful and safe that you did it!

Move to your own beat!

Joe’s Pick – Light It Up@

May In Motion means, “Get Movin’!!” Cycling is a great alternative mode of transportation.  A great way to personalization your “ride” is to use this 9 LED sleek metal flashlight as a bike light, other handlebar light or detach from the handlebar grip and bring it with you.

“Luz para Bici”

Kelsey’s Pick – Tempercraft 18oz Sport Bottle

This bottle is awesome! Equivalent to the ever so popular Hydro Flask- it is made of 18/8 stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum insulated and proven to keep beverages cold for up to 24 HOURS, or hot for up to 12 HOURS. The design is sleek and handy and the color options are cool and refreshing. Engrave your brand on one of these babies!

TemperBEST Sport Bottle

Megan’s Pick -Vivid Vent Stick

So maybe riding the bus or your bike to work isn’t feasible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in May in Motion! Do you have any friends or neighbors that head to work at the same time you do? Then CARPOOL!!! If you’re like me your car has accumulated 5 jackets, several empty baby food pouches, mounds of dog hair and a bunch of half full water bottles. It probably doesn’t smell very good either. That’s where the vent stick comes in! It displays a full color logo and releases a delicious scent. With this plugged into your vent, you’ll be carpooling all year long!

Get that new car smell

Dan’s Pick – Won’t lose your Keys if you are drinking water!

Not for drinking and driving folks even though you can clip your keys and a bottled beverage to it.  Super handy while you are out and about and staying hydrated.  Comes in 4 colors and less than $2.00 each! Nice engraved plated to show off your logo!

Clip it and Sip it!