Maximizing your Marketing Dollars

Maximize your Promotional spend with Co-op Dollars!

What the heck are co-op dollars you ask?  Jsut like every business, you have suppliers that provide you goods, services or both.  These suppliers like to have their name out there to market their brands and may have money set aside to co-market or co-brand promotional items and/or apparel.  Many suppliers have a budget for customers, usually based on sales volume, etc. 

Utilizing their dollars to help lower your cost of purchasing swag is the perfect way for you to stretch your dollar and promote even more!

Here are five tips to help you get started on capitalizing on co-op advertising programs:

  1. Identify your 5- 10 (for starters) top-suppliers and determine if they have co-op funds for you.  Get their rules and guidelines and go over them with your sales representative.
  2. Determine how the funds are accrued, what the annual amount would be and any parameters on how the money can be spent. 
  3. Work with your supplier rep to determine the item(s) that you want to co-brand and also the audience the item will be going to.  (Sometimes a supplier will want to market internally to keep theri brand strong within your company, others many want to market to your clients.)
  4. Contact your In the Bag Brand Ambassador to help you select the perfect products to help you reach your marketing objectives.
  5. Provide your Brand Ambassador with your suppliers vector artwork, (along with yours of course!) and we’ll get it on the way for you!