How mighty is the pen?

From the classic click pen to the smooth writing executive fountain pen, this humble writing instrument continues to be a top-seller in the promotional products arena. No matter how good a pen looks and feels, if it doesn’t write well, people won’t use it. This guide will help you get to the root of selecting the best pen for your brand.

Lightweight, space-conscious and easy to transport, pens are ever-popular for trade shows and events and your selection can be tailored to your target audience. Brand messaging can be laser engraved, or printed with full-color digital methods. But how do you get through the thousands of options and get to the good stuff? Your Brand Ambassador is your best resource!

With a notoriously small imprint area, designing graphics for a pen can be challenging and even frustrating.

Your brand guide (see more about brand guides here) hopefully give you clear direction and a selection of logos to use in small print scenarios. If not, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of logo areas filling in, too-small type, and other issues that can present themselves.

Now…down to the selection process. Often times, the most inexpensive pens are chosen with the perception that “they’re free, and they’ll be lost or tossed out after a few uses”. In fact, skimping on quality will lessen your brand appeal. You want to pick a writing instrument that is long-writing, has smooth and fast-drying ink, and has a perceived value. Don’t forget how it feels in your hand! Chintzy never wins the race. A nicely weighted barrel and comfortable grip will ensure that your pen gets used.

Things to consider are:

  • Economy vs Elite: not just pricing but features and quality weigh heavily here.
  • Writability: smooth ink laydown, volume of ink in the cartridge, ink colors, and permanence.
  • Construction: plastic or metal, heavy weight or super light, twist versus click
  • Finish: soft touch, textures, smooth and cushioned grips are all things to think about. Try the pen out! Our showroom is stocked with options galore.
  • Decoration Methods Available: screen print (usually limits your colors to one or two), pad print, laser engraving (sexy on metal!), foil stamp, full-color digital print, and logo domes are all great options.
This gold Bic Caran D’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen is as hot as it gets! Beautiful packaging and a legacy writing instrument make this a fantastic executive gift.
The Jotter from Numo is a fun value pen with many color options in ice-cream sundae colors, matching ink colors, and a soft-touch plastic finish. Smooth writing!

The pen is indeed mighty! A low-cost and very universally useful tool that can be a great part of a successful promo campaign for your brand. Contact your Brand Ambassador to talk pens today!