Here Comes the Sun!

This is the perfect time of year to spend time outside with friends and family – and the only difference this year is that our hikes, bike rides, and frisbee playing just may need to happen by ourselves. Social distancing may put a damper on our concert-going, patio-drinking lives, but we are finding that it means more quality time with our immediate family!

These sunny, ride-your-bike kind of days coming our way mean it’s time to dig out your sunglasses, t-shirts, and hats. And what’s even better than those old, generic t-shirts? An excellent quality, UV protection shirt with a great logo design. Did you know that the most used promotional items (and not tossed or re-gifted) are wearables and bags? And what do a large percentage of people use in the summer months? That’s right – t-shirts and hats!

We have Posi-UV Pro tees out for summer. With the best warm-weather activities in mind, these sun-smart tees and polos come with UPF 50 protection so you can have fun in the sun. These high-performance styles deliver exceptional UV protection, PosiCharge® color-locking technology and moisture wicking. Check out our UV tees and more here to gear up for warmer temperature


Why UV Protective Clothing? Sun-protective clothing normally comes with a label indicating the Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF. The UPF refers to the amount of UV rays blocked by apparel and fabrics. Clothing can offer excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays, however, UV protective clothing and hats will offer the best protection and is a really good way of helping to protect 

How is UV clothing tested? UPF is a transmission test: A fabric gets exposed to a UV source that simulates the sun’s rays at noon. The amount of UV rays blocked by the fabric is measured by a device called a spectrophotometer. The UPF rating refers to how much sun burning UV radiation is blocked. For example, a UPF 50+ blocks more than 97.5% of the sun’s burning rays. Beware of companies touting products with a UPF 100. UPF 50+ is the highest rating permitted by any National Standard in the

UPF vs. SPF. Manufacturers often use SPF & UPF interchangeably when promoting the sun protection their products offer. This is mainly because research shows that there is much confusion about what these terms mean. UPF is the correct measurement for fabrics. 



Are you a hat person? Hats are one of those staple items that never go out of style. But like some things, it’s just worth paying a good amount for a really good quality hat because it will not only last longer, but also give you better sun coverage. From trucker hats to visors, all styles will keep you shaded from the sun, but the real questions this summer is how is your hat decorated. Leather patch? Rubber Patch? Embroidered? All these options, plus a quality made product will elevate your company above the rest! 


Debossed leather applique delivers a classic, very high end look with your design stamped into the leather. Offered in genuine or faux leather and available only in simple shapes for direct stitching to your cap. Best for designs with a moderate level of detail.