Drinkware – May 2017 Team Picks


It’s Drinkware month and the ITB Team has picked their favorite beverage dispensers for you to check out!

$$$ Saving tip: You don’t have to spend the extra money to get that Retail name brand item; our products perform as good or better AND we can put your brand on them, not someone else’s. (When was the last time that Hydr*-Fl@sk sent you a check for advertising their brand?)


Kyla’s Pick –  Quench the thirst First

Water! Water! And more water! They say you should be drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. I know for myself if I have a water bottle at hands reach, that becomes and easy mark to hit. And what better way to encourage that habit, then trendy sleek bottle to keep you hydrated?! This copper vacuumed insulated tumbler can keep your cold drink cold for up to 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. It comes in a 26oz and a variety of fun colors. Put your brand on this stylish bottle that people will use and take everywhere!

Water you waiting for?!

Zach’s Pick – This won’t raise your temper!

Tempercraft Sport Bottles made of high quality 18/8 stainless steel, double-wall, vacuum insulated construction is proven to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours, or hot for up to 12 hours. With a powder coated finish. Available with a hot lid or sport lid. This items is great for every occasion.

Tempercraft… lowering anger since 2017

Lori’s Pick – Chill-Out!

Warm weather is lurking right around the corner and the 20 oz. Chill is a great way to keep your beverage nice and cold. Copper Vacuum insulation keeps it cold for 16 hours and hot for 8 hours.

Pick from White, Mint, Stainless or Black to show off your brand in style!

Get yours here

Steph’s Pick – GRRrrrrrr

This 64oz growler is a must have if you like dining at your local brewery. Just take this big boy with you, have them fill ‘er up before you leave then you can share your favorite local beer later that evening with buddys (or sweetheart). The narrow mought vacuum insulated growler keeps your brew fresh and COLD for 24 hours.

I’ll cheers to that!

Joe’s Pick – Quench It

Need a good value water bottle to keep you hydrated? This bottle is for you.  Simple and sporty design is perfect for any type of athlete…even desk jockeys! Double-wall insulation keeps drinks cold. Features flip-up straw and easy carry handle, convenient for travel. Intended for cold beverages only.

Quench It

Kelsey’s Pick – Steamy or Icy, you decide!

I may have to hide my sangria in this sleek designed 15 oz. bobble insulate. Available in the most awesome colors, perfect for those trend lovers out there!  Sangria, Peacock, Polar, Stainless, Mint Green, Metallic Silver, Metallic Black, and Metallic Copper

You can bobble this or you can bobble that!

Megan’s Pick -Matte is the New Black

These 15 oz. coffee mugs are joining nails and lips as part of the super trendy matte club.

Mint is really in right now, but there are six other colors to choose from. The inside of the mug is a glossy gray, so you get a two tone and two textured mug!

Coffee’s Ready, Trendsetter!

Dan’s Pick – Best 3 in 1 tumbler EVER!

When I used to golf a lot, there is a course here that will bring you coffee with a little shot of Brandy in it to keep you warm.  Later in the day, the cold beverages come out!  This item is perfect for both; a 12 oz insulated tumbler to keeping things hot and when you are ready to make the switch, simply reverse the screw on lids and you have an insulated “Koozie” to keep your warm hands off of your cold beverage! PLUS, you can print your logo in FULL COLOR!

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