Construction – August 2017 Team Picks

Building your Brand

The team at In the Bag Promotions is committed to helping you build your brand with thoughtful and relative promotional items.  What you might not know is that there is a nationwide organization that stands behind us! The Promotional Products Association International provides with the some of the tools that we use with each and every one of our customers to help promote your brand.  Interested in statistics?

For some facts that support our message of why Promotional Products are important to your company’s’ growth email us at

Speaking of building, check out the ITB Construction Team Picks this month!


Kyla’s Pick – This one measures up against the rest!

Whether you are a professional contractor and an at home do-it-yourselfer, this tape measure is the perfect tool for any project! With an imprint area for your logo on the front and a metal clip on the back, this 25-foot tape measure will be sure to go the extra length for your customers!

Take an inch and get a mile (well really 25′)

Lori’s Pick – Protect Your Noggin!

Even if you have been accused of being hard-headed (aka stubborn) that doesn’t mean you can forgo protection on the job site.  We have a variety of hard hats available in all kinds of colors that will meet/ or exceed ANSI requirements.  Your logo is printed directly on the hat for long lasting identification.

Build some for your company here!

Steph’s Pick – Protect your eyes!

These safety glasses take safety to a whole new level. With 3 different lenses you can swap out to protect your eyes from different environments, two cases (hard shell to attach to your belt or microfiber), a non-slip nose and an extreme wrap for a panoramic field of vision. Show your employee’s you care by providing with the ultimate protection of their eyes!

3 Lenses.. yes I said 3!

Joe’s Pick – Carhartt Signature Tool Bag

Tools are your life. This 14” Carhartt Signature Tool Bag will treat them with respect. It’s built from durable 1200D poly and is water repellent. It is equipped with 6 exterior pockets and 6 interior pockets to carry all your tools for the day. It has a metal frame which allows easy access into the large main compartment.  This is the tool bag you want to be seen carrying onto the job site.

Bag it!

Kelsey’s Pick – Hit em’ in the forehead

Promote your brand by placing it smack dab on anyone’s forehead! This casual structured mesh back hat is perfect for all. There are an array of colors available and tons of decorating options to choose from. Lead by example and get your team one of these hats to keep cool the rest of the summer!

Put a cap on it!

Megan’s Pick -This Little Light of Mine

This pocket flashlight is super handy. It’s ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and angle just right in even the tightest spots. The clip is magnetic, so you can attach it to the nearest metal item until ready to use again. Seriously though, don’t look right into the light. I did and it was BRIGHT.

I’m Gonna Let it Shine

Dan’s Pick – 12 in 1 Multi Tool and Flashlight

I have a love/hate relationship with some tool items in our promotional world; I love the fact that they are available to help build brands, but I hat the fact that many time the quality or functionality is just not there.  When I saw this item, I was really impressed with its quality AND usability.  It even has a belt cutter and auto glass breaker, so it can be a great item to keep in your car.  Put your brand on this item; your customers will use it AND remember where they got it from!

Don’t be a tool hater; this one is AWESOME!