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  • Stephanie Brown

    Stephanie Brown Brand Strategist

    Stephanie Brown

    Stephanie has worked in the accounting field (accounts payable and receivable) for the past 15 years. It wasn’t till she started working for ITB that she finally got to do something she is truly passionate about… organizing and social media!

    "This girl is the modern Martha Stuart (without the jail time). Between her canning, homemade pickling and salsa and handmade Halloween costumes for her kids, Stephanie still finds time to make her ITB family shine!"

    -- Kyla

    How I Roll

    More About Me

    Year started at ITB: 2015
    Something most don’t know about you: Currently learning ASL
    Favorite swag: Apparel! I love to see all the new styles coming out
    Favorite quote:

    "No one is happy who does not think himself so."


    The # Game

    2 - Humans who call me mom
    2 - Dog who call me mom
    3 - Time’s I’ve worked with Dan
    60 - Inch’s tall
    0 - Broken bones in my life