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  • Mike Pennington

    Mike Pennington Production Manager

    Mike Pennington

    Mike has a difficult time taking things seriously and he loves to laugh. Even though it seems Mike is always joking, laughter is his medicine. He is a new father and spends his spare time working in the garden, tending to his animals an spending time with his family. Mike likes his Kung Pao spicy!

    "Is a 5 time World Class Mechanical Bull-rider (or maybe it's the other kind of "bull"... I get confused)"

    -- Lori Reading

    My Favorites

    How I Roll

    More About Me

    Year started at ITB: 2017
    Something most don’t know about you: Rickki Tikki Tavi is actually my autobiography
    Favorite swag: Polos
    Favorite quote:

    "I'm not afraid of dying, its the fear of not living."

    -- Unknown

    The # Game

    23: Number of Cities I have run a mile or more in
    28: Animals I feed twice a day
    92: Days in a row spent camping