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  • Megan Little

    Megan Little Brand Ambassador

    Megan Little

    Megan is the most fun mom ever. Her son is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Megan likes to spend time with her family or watch Bravo when her kiddie is napping. She’s usually able to get a full nights sleep but she’s always tired. She loves coffee. And mimosas. And food. She hates exercising and cold weather.

    "Megan is on top of her stuff! If you need anything, just ask her! Except filing…she hates filing. "

    -- Joe

    How I Roll

    More About Me

    Year started at ITB: 2011
    Something most don’t know about you: I make delicious dipping sauces, I’m terrified of snakes
    Favorite swag: Drinkware for wine, Bic Intensity Clic Gel Pen
    Favorite quote:

    "Bottomless mimosas"


    The # Game

    1 - Little humans who call me mom
    1 - Times I’ve left the country
    1000 - Times I’ve heard the Hot Dog song
    3 - Number of sushi rolls I could eat all to myself in one sitting
    64 - Inches tall