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  • Kyla Miraglio

    Kyla Miraglio Brand Coordinator

    Kyla Miraglio

    Kyla really likes a good deal! She loves to bargain shop to find unique and interesting treasures. She is always on the hunt for the next big find!

    "If you need a lesson in thrifting, call Kyla! She always looks so good and pays bottom dollar"

    -- Megan

    How I Roll

    More About Me

    Year started at ITB: 2015
    Something most don’t know about you: I am scared of balloons. Well…. Not really balloons, but more of the unexpected POP!
    Favorite swag: Drinkware! I am obsessed with containers of all sorts! But snazzy tumblers or water bottles can really get me excited.
    Favorite quote:

    "Only dead fish go with the flow"


    The # Game

    29 – Number of years I have lived in Boise
    4 - Number of cars I have had in my lifetime of driving
    1 – I am the 1st out of 2 children in my family
    13 – Number of years my painting/ portion of the mural has been up on the side of the Co-Op
    1 - times I've been pregnant
    2 - babies I have