About Us

What best sums up In the Bag Promotions? Our team! We strive to create and sustain a culture that makes every day a fantastic day for us, but more importantly; our customers. We have a great history; if you want the details, check them out here. Read on if you want to learn more about our awesome crew!

  • Emilee Kezar

    Emilee Kezar Office Manager

    Emilee is fresh out of college, but you wouldn’t think that is the case with how awesome she is! Super organized and super-efficient and ready to lend a hand where needed! Emilee is newly married and on a path for great things!

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  • Lori Reading

    Lori Reading President

    Lori is the little engine that can. At 5’2” she drives us to be all that we can be. Her “Customer First” mantra resonates in our hallways and showroom and makes us all strive for perfection. With her years of experience she is awesome at finding the right product for the right event!

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  • Dan Reading

    Dan Reading Vice President

    Dan comes to us after 30 plus years in the food biz and still refers to things as Prime and Choice. (The “meat cutting years”) Responsible for making sure the day runs smoothly, Dan never sits still and while it looks like he is talking to himself, he is probably on his Bluetooth headset!

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  • Megan Little

    Megan Little Brand Ambassador

    Megan is our former Office Manager that is stepping into the role of Brand Ambassador! Ready to take on the sales role, Megan has a great grasp of the industry and will help all of her customers promote their brands with awesome products! Mom to an awesome boy (our grandson!), she’s always keeping busy!

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  • Stephanie Brown

    Stephanie Brown Brand Strategist

    Stephanie is the glue that keeps our showroom and samples together. Once an awesome 10 key-er, (and sure she still is!) she has added non-math skills of social media and website management! Don’t be surprised to see her posting on Facebook or asking for a Google review! Photography Credits? Yup, that’s her too!

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  • Kelsey Power

    Kelsey Power Brand Ambassador

    Kelsey has taken on the role of Brand Ambassador after spending time managing orders as our Brand Coordinator! She is already growing sales and developing great relationships with her customers! When she’s not at work, you’ll probably find her doing something in the great outdoors; baby in tow!

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  • Kyla Miraglio

    Kyla Miraglio Brand Coordinator

    Kyla is a sweet addition to our team from the candy store! Learning the biz at a blazing pace, she has a thirst for knowledge and is a fantastic resource to Lori as her assistant. Always quick witted, you never know when Kyla will pull out a real zinger and crack us up!

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  • Joe Lasuen

    Joe Lasuen Brand Ambassador

    Joe is our resident Vandal and we are super happy to have him on board. He’s a new Dad that doesn’t always get to sleep through the night, but that doesn’t slow him down during the day! In his “spare time” Joe will probably be hanging around the Basque block!

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  • Kristi Cambell

    Kristi Cambell Embroidery Specialist

    Kristi is ITB’s Embroidery Specialist and works hard to ensure that your apparel looks great! Kristi has a great eye for color and pretty much has every thread color memorized and more than likely knows the thread colors for your logo! She is an unbelievable artist and loves to try new mediums; we think it’s currently watercolor!

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  • Mike Pennington

    Mike Pennington Production Manager

    As Production Supervisor, Mike helps all of us look good (and our customers too!) by seeing that our screen printing, embroidery and signage is top notch! He is a wizard mixing up Pantone colors and usually nails it on his first try. He is a brand new Dad and loves the news, current events and comedy! He’s pretty funny, just ask him!

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  • Dustin Harrington

    Dustin Harrington Screen Print Specialist

    Dustin is very new to screen printing, but has picked it up quickly! He has a great eye for details and is personally committed to every piece of apparel that he prints. Dustin is another great artist and loves to draw. (See his How I Roll pic and you’ll know what we mean!)

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